Professional Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

Flipping the switch to you garbage disposal and being greeted with silence can hinder your ability to clean up your kitchen after preparing a meal. Many homeowners in Ventura, California depend on disposals to get rid of food waste, so it doesn’t sit and root in their trash cans. Before you head out the door to your local home improvement store, give Ventura ASAP Plumbing and Rooter. Not every disposal problem requires replacement. In fact, there are quite a few things you should check out before you open up your wallet and shell out cash for a new appliance.

Professional Plumber Tricks of the Trade

Even before you call for professional plumbing service, there are some things you can do to determine what may be the cause of the problem. Start by pressing the restart button located on the motor underneath the kitchen sink. If your disposal was working fine before, a simple restart could solve the problem.

If your appliance still won’t grind up food, but there is a humming sound coming from the unit, turn off the power to the disposal and grab a flashlight. Peer into the disposal and look for signs of obstruction. The kitchen is the hub of most homes, which means it’s likely from time to time that certain objects like coins, staples, paper clips, etc., may wind up being pushed into the sink and accidently ground up in the disposal when it’s turned on. If you can identify the obstruction, use a wrench or find a pair of pliers and attempt to pull the object out.

These two simple tasks that can be done by any homeowner are the first things our plumbers will do when they come to your home. If neither of these methods works for restarting your disposal, then you should give us a call.

Garbage Repair and Installation in Ventura, CA

A broken garbage disposal can cause a variety of different problems from leaky seals and bad odors to damaged piping and corroded wiring. Our plumbers’ jobs are to examine the situation and make repair or replacement suggestions based on what is cheaper and most convenient for you. If your plumber determines replacement makes the most sense, he will go over your options and help you choose a replacement model. Installation is included in this service and always guaranteed by our ironclad warranty.

Call today to learn more about how Ventura ASAP Plumbing and Rooter can keep your garbage disposal working 24/7! We can also help you keep other plumbing equipment like water heaters and toilets in top condition.